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TMJ Arts

We sell, Develop, collect, collaborate, and Curate All types of Art. We create Art Events Globally 🌎.


Based in 66 Greene St SoHo NYC


Art Agency - Project MGMT - Art Consulting - Art Insurance - Gallery Rentals -

Mixed media Printing Services - Photography (Digital or Film) - Videography - App Development - Art Shipping - Contracting -  NYC Permits for Art Projects -

Our team Custom tailors projects to fit the needs of our clients and their global campaigns that infuse Art into the dynamic of the business. We do all types of graphic designs, textile designs, and garment printing services for large or small scale retailers. We also specialize in nationwide activations of pop-up shops, Gallery exhibitions, outdoor/Indoor concerts, and any video graphic designs for marketing our clients brands. 

*Our projects are insured with our policy number & certificate of Insurance*

Irv O.

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